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It's the little differences that make the biggest impact. Vets who are dedicated to heal. Nurses who stay with their patient all day.  A team who go that extra mile to ensure each procedure is carried out with the utmost gentle care and safety, minimizing the risk of your pet feeling any stress or pain before during or after a procedure.

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Groomer & Pet Adoption Expert - Elly

Veterinary Nurse - Kelly

Principal Veterinarian

Dr. Ivor Javen is the Hospital Principal Veterinarian and Owner of Ringwood East Vetcare.  What this means for you is - he is here for you for your pets lifetime not just for a few shifts or to fill a job.  Being a Veterinarian is the fulfilling of a lifelong dream starting when Ivor was just 3 years old.  Ivor has a high standard of clinical care and practice - he's fussy about your pet - just what you want in a vet!   He is a skilled surgeon and has highly acute diagnositic skills. And importantly he loves his work - it's his life purpose.

Veterinary Surgeons

Dr Kate Twidale is an experienced veterinarian who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team both in medical and surgical fields.  Kate's warm friendly approach and her unwavering passion and understanding of individual patient and client needs brings a depth of understanding which is highly valued by the team and those she serves.  Kate is on maternity leave from July 2017 - February 2018.

Dr Don Hettiarachchige is an experienced veterinarian who brings a wealth of experience and expertise in both the medical and surgical fields.  Dr Don has a membership in surgery.  Don's complete dedication to his patients and his kind gentle manner are appreciated by both our medical tea, patients and their dedicated owners.  

Veterinary Nursing Team

Kelly Scott - Veterinary Nurse

Kelly commenced work at our hospital after graduating from Latrobe University. Kelly is an excellent veterinary nurse and is an intergral part of the team. Kelly's calm, caring and reassuring nature blends seamlessly with her care and comfort of all patients both staying in and visiting our practice.  Kelly is completing her veterinary nursing studies.

Vanessa  Howell - Veterinary Nurse

Vanessa is a graduate of Deakin University and University of Pretoria.  Vanessa has completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and has a special interest in working with wildlife. Vanessa is completely passionate about patient care.  Her dedication and attention to detail come to the fore in her absolute focus on each patient in her care.

Reception and Administration

Caron Tunnard

Caron welcomes everyone with her warm smile and calm assured nature.  Caron is an experienced Receptionist and Administrator who gained her outstanding skillset working in Executive positions in the UK.  Caron is adept at organising and managing the booking system for veterinary, grooming and our cattery as well as hospital administration.

Cattery & Ward Attendant

Phoebe Middleton

Phoebe works in our dedicated cattery. She takes great pride in keeping cattery guests very comfortable and content.  Phoebe also assists nursing staff in Hospital and helps at Reception.  A brilliant allrounder.

Pet Groomer and Pet Adoption Expert

Elly is our Pet Groomer who is skilled in the art of making your pets look and smell fabulous.  Elly dedicates her life to pet rescue and adoption.  Elly is an avid wildlife carer and runs a kitten rescue group as well as supporting the Runnaway Rabbit Orphanage. Elly is also a vet nurse.

Practice Administration

Kathleen Greensill

Kathleen is a graduate of RMIT and Deakin and Charles Sturt Universities.  Kathleen brings her skillset of information management and digital media to oversee Accounts, Payroll, Marketing & Branding (including creation of and operation of the website and mangement of our digital media).

Pet Groomer & Pet Adoption Expert - Elly

Dr. Ivor Javen

Veterinary Nurse - Kelly

Receptionist - Caron

Practice Admin - Kathleen

Veterinary Nurse  - Vanessa

Veterinary Nurse - Vanessa

Veterinary Receptionist - Caron

Business Administrator - Kathleen


Cattery & Ward Assistant - Phoebe

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